It’s a playful track-building VR game where you create your own small world and engage in a captivating storyline. It’s all about imagination, creative thinking, having fun and… trains!

Let’s play Toy Trains!

Toy Trains is a playful track-building VR game that brings back childhood fun in a modern way.

Create your own small world and engage in a nostalgic yet heartwarming storyline. Use your logic skills and imagination to construct trails and solve open-ended challenges. All that while enjoying cozy and relaxing vibes.

Hop on board!

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How can I contact you?

Hey, I’m doing my best! …But if I don’t have an answer you are looking for, that’s okay… Try mailing your question to [email protected]. Maybe my friends will be able to help you!

What are the game requirements?
I am really tiny but trains are big sometimes. They have strong engines and take quite some space. To play with them you’ll need the minimum configuration of:
– 64-bit processor and operating system
-Windows 10 operating system
– AMD FX-8370 / Intel Core i3-6100 processor
– 8GB RAM memory
– NVIDIA GTX 1060 / AMD Radeon RX 480 or better graphics card
– 2 GB of available disk space
– OpenXR VR Support
Where can I get the game from?

Oh, I know this one! Go to Steam! There you can download it to all devices it was published on.
You’ll also find it on PlayStation Store
or in Meta AppLab Stor ( sorry, I don’t have a link yet 🙂 )

Will Toy Trains ever be available on other non-VR devices?

No… not for now. We worked very hard to make it for VR and we are only so tiny as I am… But maybe one day!

I can’t figure out how to build the railway…

I know, it’s difficult sometimes… But don’t worry! Relax…take your time! Remember there is no rush and you can try different options for as long as you want! Every map can be solved in many ways, so don’t stress about not guessing the one “proper” way to build it! Make sure it’s fun, not a struggle!

I found a bug!

Wait… what?! We did what we could for Toy Trains not to have them…
Are you sure that your device is configurated and up to date? And you have already tried restarting the game and your device? It still doesn’t work? Hm… Oh, I know! You can also try:
– reinstalling the game,
– deleting save files,
– following this if you have Oculus- click here.
– following this if you have PlayStation VR – click here.

No way, still nothing? That is very suspicious, can you contact my friends at  [email protected] ? Please tell them: 

-Which platform do you play on?
-What headset are you using?
-What is your computer specification?
-Detailed description of the bug – what is happening, when is it happening?
A screenshot or a video would be great too.

I know it’s a lot.. but only this way we can help you!

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